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School Testimonials

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We offer Educational Packages to a number of schools from our local area, the Far North and Auckland. We are also lucky enough to host a few Schools from Japan.Here are a few comments and videos about their experiences at Te Hana Te Ao Marama: 

Cruise Ship Visitors 

Royal Caribbean Line 2017

Ovation of the Seas 2019

Watch this space for more to come 
Ovation of the seas 2Ovation of the seas  (2)

Ovation  3

Orewa School, June 2017

6june orewa1
7june orewa1

Aspire - International guests, June 2017

3june aspire3

Auckland International Students, May 2017

31may ais4
31may ais2

Kings School, noho marae (sleepover), June 2017


Kumonkokusaigakuen Japanese Students
- September 2015

IMG 4234-53

Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan Junior High
- August 2015

Japanes Students Haka-584Boys Learning the Kamate Haka

Bayswater School - March 2013

"Thank you for taking us around the Maori Village and for telling us the legends of Te Hana and the Taniwhai.  Thank you for the morning tea, it was delicious. Whaea Annie, I enjoyed going in the village alot and thank you for everything." Cadence Year 5/6

"Thank you for showing us around the village of Te Hana and telling us the story of Te Hana, the Maori princess.  I enjoyed the trip so much.  Thank you for going into detail when explaining what things were and how they worked.  I learnt so much on that trip. It was truly educational" Lindsey Year 5/6

"Thank you for giving us a tour around the village and teaching us all about Maori culture.  We are also very thankful for giving us the good food and showing us how Maori lived in the 17th Century" Julie Year 5/6

"Thank you for putting your time and effort into teaching us your different culture, houses and ways.  I really enjoyed it and I really learnt alot. My favourite part was going around the Te Ao Marama village, I especially liked hearing the story about Te Hana the Maori Warrior princess" Jasmine Year 5/6

"Thank you for  guiding us around the Maori Village and telling us all about the Taniwha and Te Hana the Maori Princess.  Thank you for shouting morning tea.  I loved it.  Thank you for the welcoming, I was delighted to be there" Ally Year 5/6 

Waipu Primary - March 2013

"I liked the carvings on the side of the cave" Brandon, Room 7

"Thank you to Maua Tom for taking us into the whare" Lily, Room 7

"I enjoyed the sotries about the princess and the warriers" Abby, Room 7

"Thank you for taking us onto the paa.  I enjoyed doing the haka" Cian, Room 7

"I liked the story about the eels protecting the lake so people wouldn't cross it"  Theo, Room 7

Room 11 said "Thank you for showing us the drum.  It was super fun.  I enjoyed banging the drum.  Thank you for leading us to the drum" "Princess Te Hana was beautiful.  I bet she was strong.  We thought the princess was so wonderful.  We enjoyed going to see Princess Te Hana on both sides of the carving. Thank you very much"  "Thank you for the food.  It was so nice that we wanted some more.  The juice was yummy because it was sweet" "Thank you.  The best part was the taniwha tunnel because it had flashing eyes and a waterfall on the top.  It was dark.  Laurence and Kevin felt the taniwha touching their heads"

Tauhoa School 20th & 21st September 2011

"Thank you for letting us come to Te Hana Te Ao Marama, it was a thrilling trip because you put so much effort into it" - Anaan, Year 6
"Thank you for all your dances I really liked it you were great at that" - Lauren, Year 6
"The trip was wonderful because I learned lots activities that happened in the olden days" - Kate, Year 6
"Thank you for taking us on the tour and thank you for the delicious morning tea" - Conrad, Year 6
"Thank you for teaching us the haka and for all of the good information" - Carlos, Year 6
"Thank you for guiding us around the village I really enjoyed it" - Nell, Year 6
"Thank you for taking me to Te Ao Marama, I learned heaps about the legends, the chief and the people" - Joseph, Year 6

Warkworth Primary 22nd September 2011

"Thank you for the wonderful songs, dancing and yummy food" - Katy
"Thank you for showing us your fascinating Marae, I enjoyed the kai and awesome dances" - Breila
"I liked topuni's beautiful cave, I also liked the weaving area and wonderful carvings. Thank you" - Michaela McDonald
"I really enjoyed looking round the village. Thank you Leeanne for leading us through the Village you were a fantastic guide" - Anna
"The trip was awesome!" - Winter
"The haka was fabulous" - Dillon
"Thank you for sharing your spectacular Marae with us. The dances were fascinating the tall towers and warriors were spectacular and I have never seen such wonderful carvings" - Jessica

"When we arrived I could not believe my eyes and I had a wonderful time. Thank you for having us and I want to come back again" - Grace

"Thank you for everything that you did to spoil us. I liked your village it was so cool!" - Brooklyn