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Guided Maori Village Tours Rates and Information

Guided Village Tours
Please phone our office for further information about tour times
09 423 8701

All tours are 40 minutes in duration and include an enriching insight into Pre-European Mâori lifestyle; and the inspiring history of the Mâori Maiden 'Te Hana'.

A 'personal guided tour' that will take you back to the time of our beautiful Princess Te Hana 300 years ago. Hear our stories and customs that have been handed down by our elders to us.  Walk through the palisades and hear how Maori defended their fort vigorously from their attackers.  Beat the war drum.

$30 per person
Under 5's are free

Guided Maori Village Tour 1



CANCELLATION POLICY: If a cancellation is made within 7 days of making the booking 50% of the overall amount will be charged. If less than 2 days cancellation notice is given 75% will be charged and if less than 24 hours cancellation notice is given 100% of the total amount will be charged. 

Once your booking has been confirmed and your Itinerary and Invoice received, any additional extras will be added i.e. (Extra paxs or requests) a new invoice will be generated to reflect the changes.

PAYMENT BY CREDITCARD: Please note a 2% surcharge will be added when making a credit card  payment from NZ, or Overseas to Te Hana Trust.

Please note: You will be invoiced and charged the full amount agreed upon prior your visit regardless whether or not your number of people expected reduces for whatever the reason may be.

If for any reason of weather or any other circumstance the tour is cancelled by the operator, a full refund of the purchased amount for that specific tour will be given to the customer. This will be deemed to be the full and final payment.

Wet weather: The Village Tour is optional with wet weather gear, whereby the full purchased amount will not be refunded.