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Film productions & village hire


If you're searching for an historical or authentic Maori themed setting for your production, Te Hana Te Ao Marama provides the perfect back drop to get you up and started. Both the 17th Century traditional Maori village and fortified pa site are available for hire for video shoots, photo shoots, film sets as well as documentaries.

To relieve some of the pressure from your hectic schedule, we make things easier by taking care of all your catering requirements, from breakfast through to dinner. Accommodation, extras as well as props are also available upon request. Please enquire within for more information.

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Past productions.....

Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) Japan Broadcasting Corp February 2012

Documentary starring Japanese RnB pop star Jay'de Goto. 
P2280026 1 P2280045 1 P2280051 1  


National Geographic February/March 2012

A Multinesia production. Photos provided by Producer Karin Williams.
TE HANA   26 TE HANA   27 TE HANA   08